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For those who really wish to live an exclusive experience while in Tuscany, enjoy a way of admiring it from on high.

Choose your means of transportation and leave for an unforgettable tour: live the emotion of observing the panorama while doing air ballooning at dawn, or have fun in a helicopter ride over Florence, Fiesole and the Chianti area.


Live like a real Italian aristocrat and get in touch with the best representatives of the Tuscan nobility!

An inspiring drive among Tuscan countryside vineyards will take you to a Renaissance private villa, generally closed to visits: a savory brunch will be served afterward in the villa wine cellars accompanied by local olive oil and wine. Later in the afternoon, you will head for Versilia signature liberty sea promenade and you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the early 1900’.


Tuscany is full of undiscovered treasures and attractions: many aristocrats and rich merchants set here their residences in the past, leaving an incredible heritage of villas, castles and palaces immersed in the Tuscan countryside and often surrounded by prestigious wine estates.

Some of them, due to their valuable collections of artworks and architectural masterpieces, has been defined as real private museums.


Enjoy a special lunch or dinner with your family and let a professional Italian chef prepare delicious typical dishes. Our selected chefs will come to your house and spend some time with you and your family, organizing a complete dinner/lunch based on seasonal local products.

You will observe him/ her working “live” exclusively for you. According to the region you are spending your vacation in, you will taste special regional specialties, from the Tuscan “ribollita” to the Venetian “sarde in saor”. Be exclusive and let a professional chef pamper you during your Italian holidays!


Siena’ Palio is simply an amazing event that everybody has to see once in a life. On August 15th, the day before the race, every contrada organizes a dinner along streets and squares for its comrades… a huge culinary festival based on delicious Tuscan dishes, where you can perceive how each contrada is like a loving family for its members.

In the meantime, the horse running for every contrada is blessed by a priest during a solemn ceremony; it may seem funny, but it is, in fact, an ancestral tradition that considers the horse equal to a divinity.

On the morning of the race, Piazza del Campo will be completely crowded. You can choose whether to assist to the Palio together with the people in the main square or sitting in a stand in one of the main buildings surrounding the circuit. Before the competition, you will assist in a folkloristic parade that evokes the ancient, late-Medieval Siena Republic, with more than 600 people in traditional costumes recreating a glorious atmosphere and the Contrade history.

Afterward, the race will begin: 10 Contrade furiously running three times around Piazza del Campo with jockeys screaming and pushing their horses to go as fastest as they could. The service provided will include: accommodation in Siena, tickets for the Palio with different seat options, Contrada dinner and horse’s blessing, a 2 h walking tour with a specialized guide to learn more about the competition’s origins and rules.


If you want to get in touch with Italian folklore and explore the wonderful Umbria region, the Ceri festival in Gubbio represents an opportunity you can not miss.

It is not easy to “tell the story” of the Festival of the Ceri (wax candles). It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest Italian folklore display: a solemn act of devotion on the part of the Eugubini towards their Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini which started in 1160, the year of his death. Since then, every 15th May, the eve of the day of the morning, the devotional offering to the patron Saint is a fixed appointment for the people of Gubbio who are said to have taken part in a great mystical procession, carrying candles all around the town.

The wax candles, offered by the Arts and Crafts corporations, probably became difficult to transport with the passing of time, and towards the end of the 16th century were substituted by three wooden structures. The whole festival lasts more than one day, with solemn blessings, religious and mystical ceremonies: you will take a journey back in time and learn the secrets of this ancestral tradition. The tour includes two days in Gubbio, the presence of a specialized guide that will help you understand the secrets of the Ceri ceremony.


Have a full-day excursion to the heart of the Chianti Classico area for a Chianti wine tour with a private driver and a professional sommelier at your disposal. You are going to ride through the beautiful hills of the Chianti area.

Driving up and down the hills, the panoramas are part of the tour, varying in aspects and sceneries, from the rows of vines to the green forests and sunflower fields, from the olive groves to the enchanting walled villages, farms, castles and boundless estates. During the day, you will visit the most important and prestigious wineries in the area, located in ancient castles and country houses.

You will taste the unique Chianti wine and olive oil produced in this beautiful district, with its happy combinations of climate, soil, and grapes. You will have the opportunity to discover the incredible flavors of the Tuscany traditional cuisine. Enjoy a gourmet experience tasting the high-quality local products.


Imagine driving a convertible classic car through the gentle hills of the Chianti region, imagine stopping on the way to discover the artistic treasures Tuscany is famous for.

You will drive your vintage car or sports car, through medieval towns rich in art, culture, and history; and roads that will give you the possibility to immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the countryside. Your brakes will be the perfect occasion to enjoy the culinary delights of “Slow Food” trough the genuine local cuisine as well as worldwide famous wines such as Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.


Walk the path that the Medici family once walked, from their offices to their home at the Pitti Palace without ever setting foot on the street. The overhead passageway goes from the Uffizi Gallery, above the Ponte Vecchio, through a church, and into the Pitti Palace.

The Corridor now houses a collection of paintings. The Corridoio will be open exclusively for you to enjoy a private visit with a professional guide at your disposal.