An island in the western Mediterranean, which is known for its pig parties back in the 70s, is much more today where drunken and roasted piglets have been replaced by white sandy beaches,
cozy promenades, delicious tapas bars and everything else that Spain has to offer – such as sangria and paella.


Mallorca is the obvious travel destination for families and lovers who need a vacation where you can relax and not think about much more than meeting and relaxing from everyday life at home as well as for the single who wants to combine relaxation with the opportunity to meet other adventurous travelers.

On the sunny island you are guaranteed many hours of sunshine and plenty of fun, whether you are for a relaxing holiday by the pool and beach or prefer a holiday that also gives room to experience the many
cultural attractions that the island offers. The flight to Majorca takes 3 hours and you land at the airport just outside the capital Palma de Mallorca – or just Palma, as it is most often called.

Palma is located on the west side of the island, and if you choose to live in the city you can experience a city that has a vibrant city life, major shopping centers and smaller shopping streets, as well as several historical buildings worth exploring, including the famous La Seu Cathedral with Gaudí’s masterpiece of a chandelier.

If, on the other hand, you choose to live in northern Mallorca close to the city of Alcúdia, you will experience a 14-kilometer long sandy beach accompanied by an equally long boardwalk that curves beautifully along the coast. If you go further south, you will reach the famous “Calas de Mallorca” with, among other things, the city of Cala d´Or, which is a charming holiday town and an obvious destination when it comes to charter holidays.

Around the town of Cala d’Or you will find beautiful beaches, tapas bars, and restaurants greater gastronomic experiences, and if you are into cultural input, do not travel far north to experience Europe’s largest dripping cave: the drag caves at the city of Porto Cristo.

The island is only slightly larger than Funen, so it is obvious to rent a car
on the holiday. With a car you are guaranteed an adventurous holiday, because you have the opportunity to explore the island yourself and explore places that are not allowed on foot. You also have the opportunity to rent a bicycle and explore the island on two wheels – cycle along Palma’s beautiful promenades or take the trip into the mountainous landscape. By bike there are great chances of encountering areas you would otherwise not have encountered, and if you are lucky you may fall into one of the famous markets where art, jewelry, clothing and bags are typically sold.

explore MALLORCA’S attractions

La Seu Cathedral, Palma

Castell de Bellver, Palma

The tombstones in Porto Cristo
Cap de Formentor

Valldemossa – the town where Chopin lived and composed several famous works of Sóller – take the wooden train from Palma to the beautiful, picturesque mountain town.

There is also ample opportunity to practice various sports on the island; walking trails, bike trails/trails, roller skating, scuba diving, surfing, golf and much more.