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We can offer you a special day on a private yacht, where to sunbathe and relax in Capri surroundings. You will observe the famous Faraglioni rocks, the famous Blue Grotto, and many other breathtaking panoramas.

Choose your favorite boat: explore the island at the leisurely pace of a gozzo, as used by local fishermen, enjoy the speed of a motorboat or spend the day in an elegant yacht. Take a bath in the blue sea and enjoy a pleasant walk in Capri city centre in the afternoon, stopping in the famous Piazzetta to take a refreshing aperitif.


Enjoy a full-day excursion by private yacht to the Porto Cervo surrounding area and to the Maddalena island: feel like a real VIP and spend the whole day relaxing on your yacht and stopping in the middle of the sea to have a swim; sunbathing on the yacht; visiting the Maddalena Island, centre of the Maddalena Natural Park, a protected area with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters that remind tourists of the Caribbean Sea.

In the afternoon, after the day out in the blue sea, come back to Porto Cervo and spend your evening at Cala di Volpe, one of the most luxurious hotels in the whole world, ranked among the most beautiful accommodations of the planet. Be pampered by the hotel staff during an evening elegant aperitif and admire the sunset while tasting local specialties and drinking delicious cocktails.


The Ravello Festival is one of the oldest and most renowned festivals in Italy. The connection between Villa Rufolo, the delightful venue made impressive and welcoming by the Scottish philanthropist Francis Neville Reid, and Richard Wagner was too alluring to pass up the idea of holding concerts in a place consecrated by the visit of the composer himself.

This is the way the festival has been created, in the incredible framework of the elegant Vills Rufolo, directly overlooking the blue sea. Join one of the several shows taking place in Ravello along the summer season and spend an unforgettable weekend on the Amalfi coast. You will have the opportunity of visiting the area with a private guide that will help you discover the other pearls of the coast such as Positano and Amalfi, and you will have a special dinner at the famous restaurant “Don Alfonso”, serving you Mediterranean cuisine delicious dishes.


Are you in Sicily in May? Do you want to deepen the origins of this magical island and plunge into ancient Greek culture? Come to Siracusa and assist in the yearly Greek festival, that shows several ancient works on a very special stage: the Greek open-air amphitheater in Siracusa, one of the best-preserved examples of Hellenic architecture.

To help you understand the secrets of ancient civilizations, a specialized guide will lead you to a walking tour of Siracusa and will tell you the story of the local archeological sites, leading you through a journey back in time you will not forget.


Join one of the most popular Italian musical festivals, the Night of Tarantula, the music fest of Pizzica dance which takes place in various municipalities in the Grecian part of Apulia, Salento. This sort of music tour culminates with the great final concert of Melpignano, which lasts until late at night, attended by tens of thousands of spectators. This music festival has a capital importance in the folk music panorama worldwide and hosts famous musicians every year.

While in Salento, you will participate in other food and wine festivals taking place in the whole area and offering you the possibility of tasting the best specialties of Mediterranean and Apulian cuisine. Last but not least, you will get the opportunity of sleeping in a very special accommodation option: the famous trulli, ancient dwellings restored. The Italian term il trullo refers to a house whose internal space is covered by a dry-stone corbelled or keystone vault. The trullo is essentially a rural building type. In the countryside, trullo domes were built singly or in groups of up to five, or sometimes in large farmyard clusters of a dozen or two dozen, but never for the occupancy of more than a single rural family.

Sleeping in a trullo and exploring the beauty of Albereobello will be a truly magical experience. The tour includes participation to the Night of Tarantula, to a local food and wine festival, in the special trullo accommodation option.