explore venice’s attractions


a. Private visit at the Guggenheim museum after the opening hours with a professional guide at your disposal. After the tour, you will enjoy a “prosecco” in the gardens of the museum. The tour is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

b. Private visit at the Guggenheim museum after the opening hours with a professional guide at your disposal + dinner in the garden of the museum. The tour is from 6: 30 pm to 11:30 pm.

c. Private visit at the Guggenheim museum after the opening hours with a professional guide at your disposal + dinner on the panoramic terrace of the museum.


Discover Venice and its surroundings from a unique point of view. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Venice, Padova, Riviera del Brenta by private Helicopter.



Founded in 1720 and considered to be the oldest coffee house in Europe, located in St Mark’s Square, was frequented by clients such as Goldoni and Casanova.


You will have the opportunity to live the unique experience of private dining in a historical Venetian Palace.



Enjoy a private visit after the opening hours with a professional guide at your disposal.


In 1577, the Doge Alvise I Mocenigo promised to build a new church, Il Redentore, to give thanks for the end of the terrible plague in the city, and so the Festa del Redentore was born. A mix of religious celebration and sheer spectacle, Venetians decorate their boats and wooden terraces with balloons, lanterns and other decorations and head out at dusk to Saint Mark’s Bay and the Giudecca Canal. The boats then moor alongside each other while their occupants share a sumptuous feast of Venetian specialties and await the spectacular fireworks display. The church, built on the island of Giudecca can be reached during the festival via a 1,100-foot pontoon bridge. We recommend hiring a gondola for the night to experience the breathtaking fireworks from the canals.


Several days of dressing up shows, music, games, and color to brighten up the dreariness of February, it’s easy to see why Carnevale is the most popular event in Venice. Huge crowds flock to Saint Mark’s Square and other gathering points for the free shows, parades, and concerts.

The carnival was brought back to life during the 1970s, with the aim of reviving Venetian history and culture and now attracts more than 30,000 visitors a year. An important feature of the carnival is the wearing of masks. Originally this was a way of hiding identities and achieving equality among the classes. These amazing masks can cover the whole face or just part of it.


Musica a Palazzo offers a unique operatic experience in the rooms of the 17th century Palazzo Barbarigo- Minotto, a beautiful Grand Canal mansion in San Marco.

Each act takes place in a different room of the palace, and the audience follows the performers from the frescoed salon to the boudoir as they sing excerpts from La Traviata and other great operas. The palace itself is quite spectacular with six staterooms which are enriched in the first half of the 1700s by artists whose importance is still recognized today.


From the hotel’s Cipriani base on the Venetian island of Giudecca, hotel guests and non-guests alike will have the opportunity to join a party of up to 22 people for drinks or dinneron a platform hoisted 50 metres (164ft) above the ground. Measuring five metres in length and nine metres in width, the platform will be suspended above the hotel’s swimming pool and will feature specially designed secure chairs and a table so that those ‘on board’ can feel as secure as possible. The contraption is also capable of rotating up to 180 degrees so that guests can appreciate as much of the panorama before them as possible.

Visitors who want to dine are invited to sample a three-course menu at Dinner in the Sky.
Lasting one hour and including wine, the meal will feature dishes prepared either by Hotel Cipriani’s executive chef Renato Piccolotto or dishes by Roberto Gatto of the hotel’s Cips Restaurant. Dinner in the Sky is available at Hotel Cipriani from June 19 to 23; advance booking is recommended.


Spend an unforgettable evening on the canals of Venice onboard a traditional gondola. Sit back and take in the magical atmosphere: the little side canals, the glittering reflections of century-old palaces, the romance of music on the water.

Conclude your evening with a delicious dinner at a traditional Venetian restaurant in the heart of the ancient city.


Attend the World Famous Il Ballo del Doge, the most exclusive Venetian Carnival masked ball. The Ballo del Doge brings together a cosmopolitan celebrity audience from around the world who mingle “incognito” behind spectacular costumes and masks.

Every year is a new theme and 2014 has the wonderful evocative theme of …because Dreaming is an Art….Desire, Obsession and Transgression. Arrive by boat on the Grand Canal and feel the sense of anticipation rise! From the moment of your approach to the sumptuous Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal, your imagination will soar. Upon your arrival on the doorstep, you will be welcomed into a fairy-tale world of international dancers, singers, jesters, musicians, acrobats and fire-eaters.

Waiters in livery will serve you a sumptuous dinner and dancing continues until the small hours of the morning. A true re-creation of an 18th Century Venetian party.


Saint Valentine’s Grand Ball takes place in a private home richly decorated and furnished and the most charming Venetian palace on the Grand Canal.

A warm welcome awaits as you are met by our Actors dressed in traditional Venetian costume who invite you to enjoy a welcome aperitif to inaugurate the start of this magical evening. Entering onto the “Piano Nobile” on the first floor you will be accompanied to your tables in the magnificently candlelit room, all furnished in Venetian style, where a sumptuous gala dinner will take place prepared by our award-winning chefs.

During dinner, music, entertainers, Venetian and fantasy characters will enhance the Saint Valentine’s Grand Ball which follows with artistic displays, charm and enjoyment that revokes the Splendors and Magnificence of the Republic of the Serenissima and encourages the guests from all over the world, to join in a whirlwind of emotion, unique and unforgettable Masquerade party. After dinner, the party continues: On the lower floorwith our DJ who will play different styles of music till late. Open bar available for all guests.



The oldest casino in the world was first opened in 1638 and is still attracts an international clientele. The opulent environment provides the space for classic games all monitored by a highly professional staff. Since 1959, the Casino has been based in the Vendramin Calergi Palace providing more than 500 gaming places.

Classic casino games include chemin de fer, French roulette and blackjack, and the casino is the location of many tournaments and events throughout the year. The palace is also the home of the Wagner Museum, whose Wagnerian restaurant is well worth a visit. The first floor of the palace is available for private events and dining.


Designed by Giannantonio Selva in 1790, it wasn’t until the 19th century that Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix) emerged as one of the top European theaters, with works by Italian maestros Gioachino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi premiering there.

The theater is home to a wide repertoire and will perform 12 different operas this year, in addition to ballets, dance productions, and orchestral works. The theater plays host to two major fundraising events each year – the Gran Ballo Della Cavalchina, a private ball held in March, and Fenice Day, an annual fundraising gala held in November. Details of all performances are available on the Teatro La Fenice website.


Arguably the most famous bar in Venice, Harry’s Bar was opened by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931 and its success led to the opening of many more distinguished ‘Harry’s Bars’ around the word. According to legend, the name originates from a rich Bostonian student called Harry Pickering to whom Cipriani loaned some money.

When Harry returned to repay the debt, some years later, he also gave Cipriani enough cash to open a bar. Famous patrons include Ernest Hemmingway, Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, Somerset, Maughan, Noel Goward, Orson Wells, and Peggy Guggenheim.

If you are feeling adventurous, try the Extremely Dry Martini – a kidney-shattering ten parts gin to one part vermouth.